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Outdoor Kitchen Installation in Charlotte NC

Transform your backyard into the ultimate culinary oasis with an outdoor kitchen installation in Charlotte, NC. As an outdoor kitchen contractor, we’ll design an outdoor kitchen that is convenient, practical, and suited to your specific needs. With improved quality of life, easy cleanup, and clever storage options, we’ll help you make the most out of your outdoor space. Whether you are entertaining guests or simply relaxing outside, Carolina Masonry is the trusted outdoor kitchen contractor to build your perfect outdoor oasis. Contact us today to learn more about how we can recreate your outdoor space!

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Outdoor Kitchen Considerations in Charlotte NC

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Choosing the right materials for your outdoor kitchen counters is crucial as they need to withstand the elements and ensure longevity. We recommend choosing materials like granite, quartzite, or stainless steel since they are durable, resistant to heat and moisture, and require minimal maintenance. We’ll also determine the amount of prep space needed and how it impacts the functionality of your outdoor kitchen. We take into account factors like the number of appliances and cooking tools you plan to have and the size of your gatherings. You’ll want sufficient counter space for meal preparation, including areas for cutting, chopping, and food plating. The actual design configuration of your outdoor kitchen plays a vital role in maximizing your counter space. To give you the most space possible, we’ll discuss incorporating built-in appliances, such as grills, to save additional space. Vertical storage solutions or custom features like extended countertops or kitchen islands are great ways to maximize your counter area.

Raised Bartop Seating

During your outdoor time, you’ll want to prioritize comfortable seating for you and your guests. We recommend seating options made from weather-resistant materials such as teak, aluminum, or resin wicker that can withstand outdoor elements. These materials are low maintenance and can be paired with cushions or upholstery that are designed for outdoor use to enhance comfort and style. Another important aspect to consider is the arrangement of seating to ensure that the cook can be part of the conversation. Incorporating a bar or countertop with stools adjacent to the cooking area allows guests to engage with the cook while food is being prepared. Additionally, creating a cozy seating area adjacent to the cooking space, such as a dining table or lounge area, enables guests to relax and converse while still being near the cook. This arrangement ensures a delightful atmosphere where everyone can enjoy both the culinary experience and the company around them.

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We can incorporate any other accessories in addition to your grill, smoker, or griddle that you may want for your outdoor kitchen. Some of our customer’s favorites include:

  • Drop-In Ice Chest
  • Pullout Trash Drawer
  • Drawer Storage
  • Side Burners
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Benefits of an Outdoor Kitchen

outdoor kitchen installation in charlotte nc


  • Extended living space: An outdoor kitchen creates a dedicated space for outdoor gatherings, allowing you to host larger parties and events with ease.
  • Improved guest experience: Guests can mingle and enjoy the fresh air while you cook, fostering a more relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere.
  • Reduced congestion: With food preparation happening outside, your indoor kitchen remains free for guests to mingle and relax.


  • More space and resources: Outdoor kitchens often offer more prep space and counter space than indoor kitchens, making cooking more efficient and enjoyable.
  • Reduced mess and odors: Cooking outside keeps strong smells and smoke away from your indoor living space.
  • Wider culinary options: Outdoor kitchens allow you to experiment with grilling, smoking, pizza ovens, and other cooking methods that may be challenging indoors.
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  • Increased home value: An outdoor kitchen is considered a premium feature and can significantly increase your home’s value.
  • Reduced energy bills: By cooking outdoors, you can lower your energy consumption, especially during hot summer months when your oven heats your home.
  • More time spent outdoors: An outdoor kitchen encourages you to spend more time enjoying the fresh air and sunshine, improving your overall well-being.
  • Increased convenience: Having everything you need for food preparation and dining outside eliminates the need to constantly run back and forth between your indoor and outdoor spaces.
  • Save money on eating out: Cooking delicious meals at home becomes more enjoyable and convenient with an outdoor kitchen, potentially reducing your reliance on restaurants.

Additional Benefits

  • Customization: You can design your outdoor kitchen to perfectly match your style and needs.
  • Increased storage: Outdoor kitchens often offer ample storage for grilling equipment and other supplies.
  • Improved ambiance: Lighting, music, and other amenities can create a beautiful and inviting atmosphere in your outdoor kitchen.

Overall, an outdoor kitchen can be a valuable investment that enhances your home, promotes a more active lifestyle, and creates lasting memories with family and friends.

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Steve Pierce was not only an excellent representative of the company he guided us through every step from beginning to end of our project with transparency and assurance. The entire team on the ground was professional and diligent, specifically Kraig. Our project was extremely close to our pool and they always did an excellent job not to get any concrete or debris into the pool and always cleaned up after themselves. My family and I highly recommend Carolina Masonry and will be using them again for future projects.

Meredeth K.

The experience with Mike Doane and his team was exceptional from start to finish. The project was a very large patio and it seemed like the part that took the longest was choosing the stone!! From the fist phone call to after the finished product, there was consistent professionalism. The crew worked fast and the patio was done in record time. If you are thinking about creating an outdoor space to enjoy year round, don’t wait. Mike will give you a fair price and you will be very satisfied with the results.

Rhonda G.

Steve Pierce and all of the employees at Carolina Masonry and Concrete are great. Steve developed a plan and assisted us with the documentation needed to obtain HOA approval. The project (an extension of our patio) was started on time and beautifully completed in just two days. The folks who did the work were respectful of our property and did a great job. We are extremely happy with the complete patio project. Excellent work.

Steve F.

New Outdoor Kitchen Process: What to Expect

Initial consultation and free estimate

What are you looking for in your new outdoor kitchen? Just a grill, maybe a smoker or a griddle? Access doors, a pull-out trash bin with a paper towel holder, drop-in coolers, low voltage lighting? All of these details matter. Is the cook right or left-handed? You get the idea. We can make your new outdoor kitchen exactly what you want and then show you in 3D what it would look like on your patio.

Construction Phase

Carolina Masonry will help you complete the paperwork for your HOA submittal, if required, and coordinate the utility locators. We use licensed professionals to install new gas and electrical lines to power the new kitchen, and then our craftsmen go to work. We pour a concrete footing to support the structure and then build it out of four-inch concrete blocks to ensure that your new outdoor kitchen will survive the elements over time. From there, we install a stone, brick, or stucco veneer. Our standard countertop is travertine, granite, and quartz. However, different stone types are also available. To finish your new outdoor kitchen, we install appliances.

Project Completion & Follow-Up

When the project is completed, your designer will perform a quality check walk with you to make sure your new masonry project is exactly what we designed and promised to you.

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Outdoor kitchens can vary widely in cost, depending on various factors such as size, materials, and features. On average, the cost of building an outdoor kitchen can range from $7,500 $5,000 to $20,000 or more.

When designing an outdoor kitchen, it is essential to consider features that will enhance your cooking and dining experience. Some important elements include a durable countertop for food preparation, a built-in grill or cooktop, adequate storage for utensils and supplies, and comfortable seating options for dining and entertaining. Additionally, incorporating suitable lighting, and weather-resistant materials will ensure the longevity and usability of your outdoor kitchen.

Regular cleaning and maintenance are crucial to maintain and protect your outdoor kitchen. After each use, clean the surfaces and equipment with appropriate cleaning agents to prevent the buildup of grease, stains, and dirt. Regularly inspect and clean the grill to remove leftover food particles and grease. You’ll want to cover and protect your outdoor kitchen during harsh weather conditions, such as heavy rain or snow, to prevent damage. Additionally, using weather-resistant materials, sealing countertops, and investing in covers or shelters will help prolong the life and appearance of your outdoor kitchen.

Yes, an outdoor kitchen can be installed on an existing patio. However, it is important to ensure that the patio is structurally sound and has sufficient space to accommodate the kitchen layout and equipment.